This film documents Jonathan Clarren’s process in producing the sculpture The Heart See’s More Than The Eye. This work was made to celebrate the career of Ken Wienberg who gave 38 years of service as the CEO for Seattle’s JFS organization. This piece was conceptually developed in 2012 and produced and installed in 2013.

Art Skool film made with Mike Szabo, Ido Mor, Christian Delfilippio, Mike Horn and others. Originally intended to capture 100 feet of glass shattering downward, due to locations a horizontal presentation was found after sighting an abandoned coal storage area in an abandoned factory. At the time of the film I was making other projects that involved glass boxes made of found windows, So old box windows were used and connected with one single rope that was holding the boxes together until burned.

Kenneth Snelson’s B-Tree Being erected by the Pinwheel Corporation in Seattle, Wa. in 2005. The final installation of this B-Tree is in the Fredrick Miejer Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Mi. Filmed in Stop motion and arranged by Jonathan Clarren.

This Machine was Developed in early 2007 by Chico Del Fuego and Phillip Stewart “Stew” as a modern mechanism to produce glass tiles. The Machine has around 200 moving parts and had to be made in a way so that the parts would not be heated up by the molten glass that is around 2000 degrees F. this a glimpse into this world that these two geniuses spent a great deal of time developing.

Chico Del Fuego and Jon E Rifle making glass.

Single Line Drawing shot with compressed video of Jonathan Clarren working.

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